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Lorem ipsem is the sworn enemy of good website development, yet it's ubiquitous. Dummy text. Placeholder content. Lorem ipsum has been used since the 16th century. If your business is presenting fonts and typography, you are forgiven.

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Client list

SEEK – view case study

We did the initial concept and produced original creative and factual copy for SEEK's “It's in our nature to seek” campaign; encompassing consumer microsite, trade microsite and trade email notifications.

Also: Offline trade collateral; SEEK Volunteering Unplugged site content; SARA (SEEK recruitment industry awards) ad banners; restructure and new messaging for online tools and resources for jobseekers.


Over 3 years, Sitegeist provided content strategy and copywriting services to this private health insurance giant. A fun and committed internal team supported by dedicated external consultants, resulting in real change and better experiences for online users.

Disney Australia

Disney needed a new IA for their Australian online store. And then they needed thousands of products mapped to characters, and categorised for young fans. Sitegeist knows more about princesses than is healthy.


Coles rebuilt their site from scratch, and called on Sitegeist to develop a user-centred Information Architecture and more than 100 pages of stakeholder-approved copy. So that's exactly what we did; on time and on budget.


Training for ABC staff writing for their popular website. Sitegeist devised and delivered a couple of custom sessions focussing on headlines, blurbs and calls to action. Committed and innovative teams serving up excellent content every day.

World Vision Australia – view case study

World Vision decided to start again. A completely new approach to content and storytelling was required, and we were proud to be able to deliver on such a large scale.


With lots of information across a variety of English and foreign-language sites, Jetstar was looking for ideas about how to manage content updates and changes across the network. Along with this, Sitegeist also delivered more accurate, consistent and customer-centred copy on the main site, and a roadmap (or should that be 'flight plan'?) to continue improving into the wild blue yonder.

Lonely Planet Business Solutions – view case study

Sitegeist collaborated with Lonely Planet to create content for business-to-business clients. Every client is seeking something unique and tailored for their own business needs.

SEEK Learning – view case study

A six-month engagement with a broad brief: identify ways to improve customers' experience of the SEEK Learning site and the brand. This was an exciting – and very fruitful – collaborative experience.

City of Melbourne

For more than 5 years, Sitegeist has been working with the City of Melbourne making sure their online events are top-notch and ship-shape. We edit, approve (or reject!) and publish events daily, liaising with event organisers, and providing regular reports to the Corporate Affairs and Strategic Marketing team.

Coles Insurance

Plain-speaking, upbeat copy for one of Australia's best known brands. Insurance content poses many challenges ranging from making it interesting (!) to compliance considerations. Sitegeist delivered.


A few things: First, Sitegeist created and peresented a qualitative content audit, highlighting the pressing need to streamline processes in a complex, decentralised web authoring environment. After that, we worked closely with the web team to develop documentation and guides for the many hundreds of content authors across the university. And, most recently, Sitegeist's John Ryan  presented at RMIT's inaugural internal web conference (where he was voted best presenter by the audience).

Sustainability Victoria

Editing, rewriting and a general spit-and-polish was the dish of the day, with a side order of SEO.


A brand relaunch and a new site: Sitegeist provided content strategy and a new sitemap. Working with the RDNS team and their web development agency, we also wrote (or rewrote) all the content on their site, better representing the values and work of this much-valued Australian organisation. On time and just a little bit under budget!

Mitre 10

Hardware is a competitive business, and anyone who is not a chain of big green warehouses needs to differentiate themselves. They need seamless SEO too! We delivered, and got asked back for a second round.


Working from the ground up on this innovative hotel booking and social travel website, Sitegeist provided content strategy for the public-facing site (working alongside the terrific designers from DT Digital), as well as data design, taxonomies, validation, data verification, data reporting and more for the back-end information portal for hoteliers. A massive job with massive amounds of data, beautifully built by a committed team.

Deakin University

Creating a new-look public facing website meant transitioning from distributed authoring to a central web team. Ownership, content creation processes, and governance (curation, collaboration, workflow) all needed to be redesigned. And, most importantly, stakeholders needed to be brought along for the ride.


How does a significant niche publication that relies on news-stand sales revenue chart its way in digital waters? Sitegeist had some answers.

ANAM – view case study

Sitegeist worked with the Australian National Academy of Music, a boutique classical music academy, to re-conceive a website that was failing to provide for its constituents.

MCEC – view case study

Working with a fluid brief and a very tight deadline, we delivered fresh copy, search-engine-optimised to the hilt, within a new site structure. Award winning, too.

Tidarra Resort

My mate Sean manages a luxe resort in Moama, but the old site was a bit overblown. So I helped him out. You should stay there. Book at Tindarra


The Australian Energy Market Operator is many things to many diverse constituents. We kicked in with a new navigation structure...but that was just the beginning.

Lonely Planet TV

Script writing? Why not! Sitegeist honed its TV scripting technique and delivered a dozen destination voice-over scripts to Lonely Planet's TV division. Good fun, and a great learning experience.

Dynamic Web Training

Australia’s best software training company collared Sitegeist to rewrite or edit almost everything on their website, from benefit and value propositions to more than 70 specific course detail pages. Whew!

Donate Life

Donate Life eduactes and encourages Australians to become organ and tissue donors. The key message is to discuss your wishes with your family and friends. With web and brochure copy, Sitegeist helped with this important cause.


Sitegeist is all about lifestyle. Guinness, rashers, days off… Providing semi-regular blog and article content to our lovely lifestyle friends at Viator helps support our habit. They're the goods.

G.A.P. Adventures

 We provided editorial documentation (commissioning guide, contributor briefs and a rate card) for the site relaunch of this Canadian-based leader in adventure travel. Strategy and travel. Nice.We provided editorial documentation (commissioning guide, contributor briefs and a rate card) for the site relaunch of this Canadian-based leader in adventure travel. Strategy and travel. Nice.

Australian Lifestyle & Fitness

These young bucks in the weight-loss game wanted site content that was a cut above the usual industry screaming. We delivered content, emails and more that were on-brand and respectful.

Lava Digital

Award-winning web design and development company Lava looked to Sitegeist to dive deep to understand their business, and provide strategic content advice. We then went ahead and wrote most of their site too. A great team doing iconic work for unique Australian brands - we love you guys!


Amnesia Razorfish

Adnews Interactive Agency of the Year for three years running, Sydney-based Amnesia needed some content nous for a large Melbourne client. Amnesia’s approach is unique and the result was stunning.


We worked with the Reseo SEO gurus to deliver content that humans could love and search engines could find for Melbourne's biggest convention and trade show venue.


We worked with Nick and the talented team at Reflecta, providing content strategy, IA design and copywriting for clients including one of Australia's largest health insurers, a Victorian sports peak body, and the Australian base of a global charity committed to child welfare. Always a pleasure.


The guys at TANK have creative brand excellence in their DNA. We helped out, adding some content, site audit and sitemap smarts to a couple of TANK's important clients.


Sitegeist rolled up its sleeves and delivered impressive results for a high-value client of this top shelf Australian website development agency.

Latest Feature

Lorem Who?

Lorem ipsem is the sworn enemy of good website development, yet it's ubiquitous. Dummy text. Placeholder content. Lorem ipsum has been used since the 16th century. If your business is presenting fonts and typography, you are forgiven.

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